NEW for VBS!

   Now Included: 
Full Color Art Work
VBS Songs played by a pianist

We are excited to now include Full color art work and VBS music on files that download right along with your VBS materials! You no longer have to purchase these products separately!

When you download your VBS materials it will be a zipped file. You can unzip your file with FREE software such as SmithMicro's Stuff it Expander. SmithMicro

FREE Children's Church Materials!

For A Limited Time Get The First 4 Lessons of
"A Closer Look" Year 1, Children's Church.

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Fundamental - KJV

We only use the King James Version of the Bible. We are conservative in our Christian viewpoint and hold to the Fundamentals of the Faith. We are members of a fundamental Baptist church in Simpsonville, SC.

We write these materials with you in mind. We want them to be practical and easy to use. We want them to clearly present Biblical principals for living the Christian life as well as presenting the Gospel to the unsaved.

Download a couple of our lessons and see for yourself what we have to offer. We think you will like what you see.

Why no hardcopies?

   We are going to a total download format of our Children's Church materials. Our expense in producing hardcopy materials has gotten to be prohibitive. If we charged what we needed to, it would be extremely costly to you. We have made the decision to make our materials available as all downloads.
However until we have exhausted our supply of hardcopies we will provide them for churches who prefer them. Due to the increased cost of materials, the hardcopy of a Children's Church is $199.95.

Below is a link where you can order and pay for a hardcopy.

IMPORTANT: Then you will need to EMAIL US to tell us which Children's Church Series and which year you wish to receive.

To order a hardcopy click here: Hardcopy.

Children of Character Year 5 is now available! Be sure to check out this great series that provides you with 52 lessons to teach your children how to have godly character traits in their lives!

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