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The Gettysburg Address
Our Price: $2.00

Abraham Lincoln    B-A      2 Min.

Lincoln's dedication of a battlefield Nov. 19, 1863. The previous speaker spoke for 2 hours. Lincoln spoke for 3 minutes.
O Captain, My Captain
Our Price: $2.00

Walt Whitman   B-A     1-2 Min.

A poem in tribute to Abraham Lincoln. It figuratively denotes how Lincoln was so close to seeing victory yet was killed before he could see the end of the war.
Nancy Hanks
Our Price: $2.00

Rosemary & Stephen Vincent Benet   B-A   1 Min.

A poem of what Abe Lincoln's mother, who died when Abe was young, would have asked, if she could, about how her son made out in life.
Our Price: $2.00

Sir Walter Scott    I-A 1 Min.

A short poem of the fate of one who does not have pride in his homeland.
A House Divided
Our Price: $3.00

Abraham Lincoln    I-A      4-5 Min.

Lincoln pleads the case against slavery as he campaigns against Douglas in this speech from June 16, 1858. He gives a clear explanation of the Dred Scott Decision.
Declaration of Independence
Our Price: $3.00

Thomas Jefferson    I-A   5 Min.

A cutting from the Declaration of Independence describing the cause and justification of breaking with Great Britain and establishing a new independent country.
Adams and Jefferson - 1
Our Price: $3.00

Daniel Webster    I-A      5-6 Min.

Daniel Webster's moving tribute to Adams and Jefferson who both died on July 4, 1816, fifty years after the American Independence.
Speech in Independence Hall
Our Price: $3.00

Abraham Lincoln    B-A     2-3 Min.

An impromptu speech, delivered by Lincoln, at Independence Hall, on George Washington's birthday. Powerful and Patriotic. A true showcase of Lincoln's love of country. Do not by-pass this moving speech.
Eisenhower's Inaugural Address - 1
Our Price: $3.00

Dwight Eisenhower      B-A      5 Min.

A moving, clear, and powerful speech for the cause of moral principles, hard work, and freedom. The language is easy enough for beginners yet the ideas are complex enough for the advanced speaker.
Give Me Liberty - 1
Our Price: $3.00

Patrick Henry     B-A     4 Min.

A famous statesman exhorts the people to fight for freedom from Great
Britain. Moving and inspirational.