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     This section offers a wide variety of children's literature. Some selections are inspiring, some are funny, some teach lessons, all are of the highest quality. 

     The B, I, and A ratings in this section refer to the student's speaking ability and the literature difficulty level for upper elementary grades.
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Windy Nights
Our Price: $1.00

Robert Louis Stevenson     I-A     1/2 Min.

Excellent imagery and mood. Creates a tone of suspense and night.
Bed in Summer
Our Price: $1.00

Robert Louis Stevenson   B-I  1/2 Min.

A young boy laments that he must go to bed when it is still light outside. A good piece for a boy.
Minnie and Mattie
Our Price: $1.00

Christina G. Rossetti    B  1 Min.

About three little girls on an outing at the farm. Nice for a young girl.
Farewell to the Farm
Our Price: $1.00

Robert Louis Stevenson    B-I  1 Min.

Light verse describing various aspects of a farm as the children ride the coach to the city.
The Raggedy Man
Our Price: $2.00

James Whitcomb Riley I-A 2-3 Min. Interesting vernacular, much the same as Little Orphant Annie. The poet tells of a hired man who also entertains a boy and his sister as he goes about his tasks. Nice for a boy.
Little Orphant Annie
Our Price: $2.00

James W Riley  B-A  2

A fun poem of spooky stories. The poem of an orphan girl who cleaned the house and told the children of the house scary stories.
The Land of Story Books
Our Price: $2.00

Robert L. Stevenson  I-A  1-2 Min.

The poet describes a young boy's imagination as he plays by himself.
Autumn Fires
Our Price: $2.00

Robert Louis Stevenson   B  1/2 Min.

Crisp imagery of autumn fires that consume the summer flowers.
The Land of Counterpane
Our Price: $2.00

Robert Louis Stevenson   I-A     1 Min.

Mr. Stevenson recounts his hours of play spent in his sick bed. An interesting look at his life and his scope of imagination as a young boy. Excellent for a boy.
From a Railway Carriage
Our Price: $2.00

Robert Louis Stevenson   I-A     1 Min.

A view from a train wind offers quick glimpses of the swiftly passing countryside. Good imagery for a young speaker to tackle.