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Famous Speeches

These speeches resonate with words of courage, conviction and commitment to God, country and fellow man. Our young people need to hear the words of men of true integrity. Encourage your young men to select an interpretative reading from these selections that ring with words of freedom and liberty.
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The Gettysburg Address
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Abraham Lincoln    B-A      2 Min.

Lincoln's dedication of a battlefield Nov. 19, 1863. The previous speaker spoke for 2 hours. Lincoln spoke for 3 minutes.
Lincoln Speaks on Slavery
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Abraham Lincoln    I-A      2 Min.

Early in Lincoln's career he speaks out on the oppression of slavery and the advantages of hired laborers in terms of productivity and hope.
To the 166th Ohio Regiment
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Abraham Lincoln    B-A    1-2 Min.

This short speech was delivered on Aug. 22, 1864. Lincoln emphasizes the importance of the cause for which they fight, not only for them, but for their children's children.
Lincoln's Last Public Address
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Abraham Lincoln  I-A  2 Min.

As peace begins to seem like a reality, Lincoln speaks of the reconstruction of unity. He delivered this speech on April 11, 1865 just three days before his assassination.
Queen Elizabeth Rallies Her Armies
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Queen Elizabeth     B-A     2 Min.

In 1588 the Spanish Armada sailed toward England to defeat and capture it. Queen Elizabeth delivered this speech to encourage her army on to victory.
Temptation Shows Worth
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Preston Bradley  I  1 Min.

In order to identify with others we must have also come up against temptation.Christ was tempted and understands our temptations.
Thomas Harrison Speaks from the Scaffold - 1
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Thomas Harrison     I-A     5 Min.

In 1660 Thomas Harrison went meekly to be hung, by the newly empowered King Charles II of England, for his part in the past government.  He spoke of his innocence and presents a clear testimony of his salvation and future hope of Heaven.
A House Divided
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Abraham Lincoln    I-A      4-5 Min.

Lincoln pleads the case against slavery as he campaigns against Douglas in this speech from June 16, 1858. He gives a clear explanation of the Dred Scott Decision.
Declaration of Independence
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Thomas Jefferson    I-A   5 Min.

A cutting from the Declaration of Independence describing the cause and justification of breaking with Great Britain and establishing a new independent country.
The Case for Star Wars
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Ronald Reagan     I-A     3 Min.

President Reagan argues for a strong military and explains his objectives on initiating the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Clear and simple in language.