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Looking for some great puppet scripts for your teen or adult puppet team? You'll love these puppet scripts that examine Biblical Characteristics. Join our puppet characters as they learn important lessons in Christian living.

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Our Price: $5.00

The kids learn a lesson in discretion as Sam sees how his so called harmless teasing has hurt Al's feelings.
Our Price: $5.00

Suzy, Sam, and Al learn that true friends stick together even when things get tough.
Our Price: $5.00

Al learns it is wrong to talk about others. The Bible teaches that our words should be true and kind.
Our Price: $5.00

Sam's pride gets the best of him when his team wins a game, but he learns an important lesson in humility from Grandpa.
Our Price: $5.00

When Sam complains about his chores, Suzy shares her secret for enjoying helping out: do the job before you are asked.
Our Price: $5.00

Sam and Al breeze through an assignment on Thankfulness for school, but Suzy takes a more in depth look at not only what she's thankful for, but why she's thankful.
Our Price: $5.00

Vinnie and Kathy learn some old fashioned manners. Puppets: Kathy, Vinnie, Granny.
Our Price: $5.00

Sam and Al think they can lie their way out of trouble. Puppets: Sam, Al, Suzy, Grandpa.
Good Example
Our Price: $5.00

Al sets a good example by standing up for what is right when Sam wants to play a mean prank. Puppets: Sam and Al.
Our Price: $5.00

Suzy, Sam and Al try to encourage Grandpa when he is having a long day. Puppets: Sam, Al, Suzy, Grandpa.