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An Explanation of the Single Speech Selections in the catalog.

Here is an example entry.

FSP 05 Give Me Liberty - 1 $3.00

Patrick Henry B-A 4 Min.

A famous statesman exhorts the people to fight for freedom from Great Britain.

Code - (FSP 05)

Title - (Give Me Liberty) The name of the selection.

Cut - (-1) Several different sections of a speech or sermon my be used. This number indicates which one you have selected.

Cost - ($3.00) The cost varies according to the quality, length and difficulty of the piece.

Author - (Patrick Henry) The author's name is supplied if known.

Level - (B-A) B - Beginner, I - Intermediate, A - Advanced. The level is merely a general guideline and refers to the student's speech ability and expertise not his age. All level guidelines refer to junior high through high school level except in the Children's Selections section.

A beginner may wish to try the challenge of an Intermediate piece. An advanced student should not feel he cannot use a piece marked B or I. A piece marked B is not necessarily too easy, but may be marked as such because of the clarity of thought and language. Each piece should be selected for the appropriateness of the situation.

Length - (4 Min.) This is the approximate delivery time in minutes. May vary with speaker.

Description - A short description is provided to give you an idea of what the piece is about and what is has to offer.

We Do The Work For You
  • Quality Literature - Every piece of literature we offer has been carefully selected for beauty of language, content, moral and religious value, and worthiness of a performer's time and effort.
  • Presentation - Each selection is attractively presented with a title page, a double spaced copy of the literature, and a page of helpful tips on interpretation.
  • Workable Length. - Most poems are complete. Many of the Dramatic Readings, Sermons, and Speeches are cut to conform to workable time lengths and include the most interesting content.
  • Necessary Revisions - Some of the words and phrases of the older pieces have been updated slightly to facilitate understanding and ease of interpretation. The flavor and intent of each piece has been carefully preserved.
  • Reusable - These pieces are designed to be a permanent part of your school or personal reference file. You have permission to make copies for student use. Use these selections over and over, year after year.