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Cross Training - VBS - Download
Cross Training - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

Put on your running shoes and join us on the race through life. Learn to press forward with eyes focused on the finish line.  

    Memory Verse puppet skits with Sir Teddy who joins the race
    Champions of the Faith missionary interviews
    Dynamic stories about Olympic Gold medalist, Eric Liddell
    Sheet music for original songs

                  Daily Bible Stories
          Day 1 - Whose Team Are You On? - Saul is on the wrong team
          Day 2 - Join Christ's Team - Saul's conversion
          Day 3 - Working Out - Saul is changed
          Day 4 - Opposition - Without/Within - Paul faces trouble
          Day 5 - Following Christ To The Finish - Paul presses forward
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Hard Hat Zone - VBS - Download
Hard Hat Zone - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

Young lives are under construction. Picking the best tools and building materials can be tricky. Join us as we learn to follow God's blueprint for life.

     Daily visits from Theo-Door with his knock-knock jokes & important Biblical truths
     Daily memory verse skits with Handy Andy,
     Blueprint skits
     Sheet music for 7 original songs

                  Daily Bible Stories
          Day 1 - Door to the Ark
          Day 2 - Door to Freedom
          Day 3 - Door to the Sheepfold
          Day 4 - Door to the Tomb
          Day 5 - Door to Your Heart
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It's A Jungle Out There - VBS - Download
It's A Jungle Out There - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95


Follow the example of Jesus and other New Testament heroes as we learn the importance of holy living, witnessing, reaching out to others and meeting the needs of people all around us.

    Daily memory verse puppet skits with Chip the Chimpanzee
    Exciting stories from the life of missionary Mary Slessor
    Sheet music for 9 original songs.

                 Daily Bible Stories
         Day 1 - The Good Neighbor - Jesus' Parable of the Good Samaritan
         Day 2 - Feeding Hungry Bodies/Souls - Jesus feeds 5,000
         Day 3 - Four Faithful Friends - Jesus heals a man
         Day 4 - A Changed Man - Jesus meets Zaccheus
         Day 5 - Say Yes to God/No to Satan - Jesus Sets the Example
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It's Out Of This World - VBS - Download
It's Out Of This World - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

God's love goes beyond the outer limits of our imagination. Come with us as we boldly explore God's unlimited love from the dawn of creation to the cross of Calvary.

     Memory Verse puppet skits with Spud the Stowaway Space Dog
     Skits with FAX the Computer
     Sheet music for 4 original songs

                  Daily Bible Stories
         Day 1 - God's Love in Creation - Adam & Eve
         Day 2 - God's Love to the Disobedient - Jonah
         Day 3 - God's Love to the Unlovable - The Ten Lepers
         Day 4 - God's Love to His Friends - Lazarus
         Day 5 - God's Love to the Lost World - Jesus
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King of My Heart - VBS - Download
King of My Heart - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

This medieval themed VBS is packed with exciting Bible stories about the Children of Israel demanding that God give them a king and continues through the lives of King Saul and King David.The children will learn about having a heart that is surrendered to God rather than a rebellious heart.
  Daily Jester & Dark Knight Skits reveal a plot to overthrow the King
Dagwood the Dragon helps teach daily Bible verses
Learn about purity of heart and body the story, "Marabella"
                  Daily Bible Stories
          Day 1 - A Rejecting Heart - Israel Rejects Their King
          Day 2 - A Disobedient Heart - Saul Disobeys God
          Day 3 - An Obedient Heart - David Obeys God
          Day 4 - A Repentant Heart - David Repents of Sin
          Day 5 - King of Your Heart - Who's on the Throne
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Operation Sword and Shield
Operation Sword & Shield - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

Old Testament heroes of battle lead the way to teach the principles of victorious Christian life.  Come join the Lord's Army today!
     Exciting visits from the Masked Commando
     Learn about the Armour of God
     Memory verse skits with Private Snoozer
     Sheet music for 6 original songs.
                    Daily Bible Stories:
           Day 1 - Gideon - Obey Your Commander
           Day 2 - Joshua - Numbers Don't Matter
           Day 3 - David - Let God Defeat Your Giants
           Day 4 - Fiery Furnace - Determine To Trust
           Day 5 - Your Battles - Be a Faithful Soldier of Christ
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Overboard - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

Overboard - God's Ocean Full of Mercy

Come aboard, weigh anchor and set sail with us as we explore the vast ocean of God's Mercy!

Jonah learns lessons in mercy and so will you! Also share in the excitement of daily stories of true life storms and shipwrecks.

Salty the Parrot helps teach Bible Verses. Join the Captain, First Mate and Swabbie as they encounter a Stowaway.

There are all sorts of adventure on the high seas! So don't miss the fun on the Mercy Ship, Mate!

Daily Bible Stories

Day 1 - On the Run - Jonah runs from God
Day 2 - Overboard - Jonah hides from God
Day 3 - Second Chance - Jonah pleads for mercy
Day 4 - Lessons in Mercy - Jonah's pity party
Day 5 - God's Mercy for All - Jonah & God's Mercy
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Pioneers and Prairie Dogs - VBS - Download
Pioneers and Prairie Dogs - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

Come travel along as your young pioneers learn about following God on their journey through life. Share the adventures of the Israelites as they head for the Promised Land.

     Memory Verse puppet skits with Clem the Coyote.
     Exciting stories from Pilgrim's Progress
     Sheet music for 9 original songs

                   Daily Bible Stories
           Day 1 - Call to Action - Moses is Chosen
           Day 2 - Following Our Wagon master - God Guides Israel
           Day 3 - Exploring New Frontiers - Desert Wanderings
           Day 4 - Circling the Wagons - Israel Faces Trouble
           Day 5 - Journey's End - Israel's New Home
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Treasure Mine - VBS - Download
Treasure Mine - VBS - Download
Our Price: $169.95

God's Treasures can be yours. Dig deep into the treasures of God's Word. Daily unearth gems of truth that contrast wisdom and foolishness.

    Memory Verse puppet skits with Clem the Coyote
    Skits about the gems of Christian Living
    An exciting secondary story about a young man's quest for wisdom
    Sheet music for 6 original songs

                   Daily Bible Stories
           Day 1 - A Rebellious Son vs. An Obedient Son - Cain and Abel
           Day 2 - A Greedy Nephew vs. A Giving Uncle - Lot and Abraham
           Day 3 - A Jealous Father vs. A Loving Son - Saul and Jonathan
           Day 4 - A Haughty Son vs. A Humble Son - Absalom and Soloman
           Day 5 - A Pious Religion vs. A Personal Relationship - Saul/Paul
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